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We are mother-daughter-duo, Patricia and Sarah Slutz, and our family property has been the host of many occasions over the past almost 30 years, large and small. As my daughter, Sarah, got engaged and began the search for her perfect wedding venue, it didn’t take too many tours before we began to appreciate what our property truly had to offer. As we began making plans to prepare the place for her big day, our eyes opened to what this could be for other couples looking for a beautiful venue for their own wedding.

And with that evolution, Willow Creek Weddings & Events was born. The idea of turning this into a place for others to gather, to celebrate love and family, feels incredibly right.

My daughter has spent years working in events and wedding planning specifically, so I’ll be leaving that side of things to her while my focus will be on keeping up the property itself.

We are very excited about this shared endeavor with our growing team, and look forward to meeting you soon!

Patricia & Sarah

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